Sellers-Kevin Swift, REALTOR GRI, CNHS

Sellers-Kevin Swift, REALTOR  GRI, CNHS

Thinking of Selling?

"Kevin was amazing from start to finish. Answered every call and every text! I’m sure if he would have missed one, Dillyn_Searshe would have got back to me quickly. He knows what he is doing and as a first-time home buyer that’s something I was looking for. I recommend Kevin to all my friends and I’ll use Kevin again."★★★★★Dillyn Sears

You’re right, selling your house is a huge deal.

There’s a lot to consider.

But it all comes down to your bottom-line, which is selling your currrent home so you can move to a new location and get the best amenities within your budget to ensure you and your family's greatest happiness.

And frankly, the lifestyle you are planning for your future should be your main focus.


I have successfully helped over 1,000+ families achieve their investment dreams in Shawnee County and the surrounding area. With 26+ years of experience, I know how to help you too.

I get it! The reason you’re selling is to move on into the future. I'm here to handle everything else while providing you the expert guidance you need along the way.

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Swift_TIPSWIFT TIP from THE HOMESELLER'S PLAYBOOK: If you must work with a newer, low-producing agent, ask him/her to hold their opinion of value until you have completed the preparation and staging processes. An inexperienced agent can form a price opinion early on, and it can be difficult for him/her to change the value range upward, if a price gets set in their mind and they’ve shared it with you. They don’t want you to think they didn’t know what they were talking so they stick to their first price opinion. On the other hand, I’ve raised many asking prices after seeing the owner improvements; and, I have no problem doing so.

Here’s what you can expect with me:

Initial Response
I will respond as quickly as possible to begin to communicate about your goals, the selling process, and if we're a good fit. If so, and when you are ready, I will schedule a Strategic Marketing Consultation on selling your house. (Take a deep breath and feel confident—you can do this, and NOW you’ve got an experienced pro on your side.)

Strategic Marketing Consultation
In about 60-90 minutes, we will cover your goals and together strategize your quickest and timeliest path to selling. I'll even bring you my latest book, THE HOMESELLER'S PLAYBOOK. We will cover the specifics of: house preparation, your home's value, and the legalities, paperwork, market statistics, and other important matters.

Next Steps
Plan on me keeping you informed so you never have to wonder what’s coming next. My job is to take care of all of the pieces, people, and timelines involved without causing you added stress. I want you to relax and know you’ve got me and other pros to handle all the details. We get it! You want a smooth and hassle-free transaction that produces the bottom-line proceeds you deserve, and that’s exactly why so many sellers have trusted me with their real estate questions and needs.

Are you thinking of selling your house in the next few months, or in a year or two? How you prepare for the market can make all the difference between selling at peak value, in the quickest timeframe and with the least amount of hassle vs. losing money that could have easily been yours.

    ~ What practical strategies are critical to prepare your house to compete and sell for top dollar?

    ~What three months of the year in the Northern U.S. are the best for selling, which have yielded 
          sellers thousands more for the same property over other months of the year.

    ~ What three primary low-cost improvements have proven time and again to produce the highest rate
          of return on the homeowners’ investment?

It’s often the little-thought-of upgrades and fixes that can profit the biggest return. An award-winning TOP 10 Individual Franchise agent in the state of Kansas, having helped thousands of sellers for over two decades, has finally put his selling tips in writing and offers proven action steps that anybody can follow to prep their house to win in today’s marketplace.

Checklist SOLD—Kevin's paperback book with concise and to the point with checklists, walks you through the Seven Proven Steps To Top Dollar Success!  Plus, there's a bonus section called "Flipping Houses, What I've Learned" where he shares his experience in buying and rehabbing properties that have yielded substantial profits. You might be surprised to learn you don’t have to be a skilled remodeler to flip houses.

If you live in the Topeka area and would like a FREE copy of Kevin's 90 page book, email your name and address to or contact us here. The book is also available for $9.95.

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