Every Patriot Home-Kevin Swift, REALTOR GRI, CNHS

Every Patriot Home-Kevin Swift, REALTOR  GRI, CNHS



Our Member Pledge:

Our home flags will fly until the day we die!

Our Declaration: God, Family & Nation

We are proud to be Americans, and believe it is time to stand up, unite and defend America now more than ever before!  From our inception as a nation, our young men and women by the thousands have fallen on battlefields to defend the flag and the people for which it stands--one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice South_Pointe_Flagfor all.  We love this land, and as Patriots intend to walk in the spirit of our couragious soldiers and ancestors, and to display the U.S. flag to proudly fly at the front of our
homes day in and day out as the national symbol of freedom and hope until the day we die. We boldly proclaim that in our homes we will defend the historical American way of life!  We ask all God-fearing, family-focused Patriots by the millions to proudly and continuously year-round display the flag to show our neighbors and the world we are standing together in solidarity. We are joining in the battle for the heart and soul of our nation, now under siege by radicals.

We Believe...

  •  Judeo-Christian Values is lifeís best practices and we uphold the Bible and God's commandments as sacred and the standard-bearer of life itself and a moral people.
  •  We honor the traditional family and seek ways to support and uphold the family unit, yet to love and support those who canít or donít choose to.
  •  We honor our national heritage and our founding fathers--Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and other notable leaders, understanding that no one is perfect (including ourselves), yet with God's help, His Word and our families, America can still be a beacon of hope if we return to and uphold the values of our heritage.

We Seek

As a grassroots organization to gain Patriot supporters in Every Patriot Home all across America who will take the Member Pledge and honor our Declaration. Then, to find courageous sponsors on each city, town and community block and in the rural farmlands of America who will take the pledge and declaration to their nearest neighbors. Let our communities and neighborhoods be filled with American flags and patrioticism once again!

To join Every Patriot Home as the first 100 founding families, please enter your information here!

For more information or to support this cause, our mailing address is:

Every Patriot Home
2900 SW Wanamaker Dr, Suite 200
Topeka, Kansas 66614
Email: kevin.r.swift@gmail.com


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